Blend of simple lyrics and vocals


EMI, Rs.135

Former member of the Spice Girls band Geri Halliwell (aka Ginger Spice) brings forth her new solo album Passion.

After splitting in mid-1998, she debuted on the U.K. pop charts at the No. 2 spot with "Look At Me" in mid-1999.

Her name figures in the songwriters' credit line of all the 12 songs with the common theme being love, making her voice suitable for all of them. The lyrics are simple, rhyming, audible and decipherable, unlike present-day songs.

The title track "Passion", "Desire", "Love Never Loved Me", "Feel the Fear", "There's Always Tomorrow", "Let Me Love You More" and "So I Give Up On Love", are numbers where Geri and the backing vocalists' voice dominate with perfect musical support.

In other songs, the music and singing are well matched, or at times the music dominates. Both types are well mingled to keep the listeners' attention span intact.

"Superstar" (side A) and "Ride It" (side B) are foot-tapping numbers with fast music as compared to the first four songs on side A, where the vocals are more prominent.

"There's Always Tomorrow" with a Caribbean-type rhythm has soft vocals and good music. "Don't Get Any Better" is on a faster note and its good lyrics make it worth listening to. "Loving Me Back To Life" - a song you would not mind singing along with - has piano by David Arch dominating the background score.

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