Bike bazaar

HIT THE ROAD: For all your bike needs. — Photo: K. Ramesh Babu

HIT THE ROAD: For all your bike needs. — Photo: K. Ramesh Babu  

A LANE veering off Shalimar theatre in Ramkote will take one to the city's largest stretch of second-hand bike outlets. There are more than 30 shops in the area doing brisk business for the last two decades.

"We buy as well as sell second-hand two-wheelers here," says Ali Baig of Baig Motors. Two wheelers of all makes are available, from Enfields to Kinetic, Bajaj, Vespa, Hero Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Scooty, amongst others. Models: 1983 onwards.

"We try to buy only those bikes, which are in a relatively good condition so that our customers do not have a problem later on," says K. Madhoo of Madhoo's Garage. What about the prices? "Well, depends on which brand and what model you want and also on the condition of the bike you choose," he concurs.

For a fairly well maintained 1990-model Kinetic Honda, the charges are between Rs 6,500 and Rs 9,000. A 1993-made Yamaha RX-135 model would cost anything between Rs 17,000 and Rs 22,000. Almost same would be the cost of Splendor of the same year.

A 1992-model Scooty would come for as low as 3,000. An older Luna would cost approximately the half.

"These are the rates at which they sell. When I wanted to sell my 1991-model Kinetic Honda, they agreed for only Rs 5,000," says Ravi Kumar, who disposed of his Kinetic recently at Ramkote. "After we buy the bike from a customer, we have to spend on repairs and overhauling, depending on the condition. For the next customer, we have to make it appear new," explains Srinivas who runs two outlets in the area.

One should, however, always take a mechanic along to buy bikes from Ramkote, cautions Venkat Ramanna Choudary. "I was cheated when I bought a 1990-model Kawasaki RTZ, two years back. It looked good from outside, so I fell for it. I hardly drove it for two months before I began to encounter a lot of problems. A mechanic told me major repair works were required as most of the parts were not original. I had to spend a fortune on it later," he recounts regrettably.

Taking lessons from the episode, it is advisable that one takes a mechanic lest the Ramanna-fate should befall them.

One should be even more particular about the documents and papers of the two-wheeler. Above all, bargain for a good gain.


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