Big at the box-office

"LORD OF The Rings: The Two Towers", released last Friday in India, has walked away with two Oscars in the Visual Effects and Sound Editing Categories. "The Two Towers", second in the series, starts where the "Fellowship Of The Ring" ended, and the underlying message of J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of The Rings" trilogy is — Good will triumph over evil.

"The Two Towers" relies on computer generated images and non-stop action to tell the story. The final one-hour of the battle of Helmsdeep is the highlight of this mass entertainer.

Roy Augustine of Celebrate Screens has brought the film from Warner and is dubbing it in Tamil. Augustine, who has distributed many dubbed Hollywood hits in the past, said, "The film is a mix of outstanding action, cinematography and special effects." Another reason that made Augustine dub the film is the worldwide appreciation and its box-office success. "Two Towers" has grossed $872 million in 85 days (till March 15) after its release and is likely to cross $1,000 million, done earlier only by "Titanic".


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