Beyond Boundaries

THE BHATT camp has unveiled its faces for the season, and like their predecessors, Ashmit Patel and Nauheed Cyrusi are banking on their facial rather than verbal communication. In New Delhi to promote his debut vehicle "Inteha", Ashmit clarifies, "I have completed my education in Texas, so I am not conversant with chaste Hindi but the training stint with Roshan Taneja helped me improve." Ashmit is tired of negating persistent queries regarding the sisterly push from Amisha Patel. "When I came to India in 1999 after completing my graduation in Business Administration and saw Amisha shooting for `Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage', I was bowled over by the grandeur of the medium and realised that Bollywood is going to be my calling. Amisha introduced me to Hrithik, who advised me to assist a director before taking the plunge. As Rakeshji was busy then, I approached Vikram Bhatt and from the next day I joined him. I assisted him in `Aap Mujhe... ', `Raaz', `Awara Pagal Deewana' and `Footpath'. I have seen the characters of `Inteha' developing in front of my eyes and when Mukeshji offered me the role I didn't feel nervous, as by then I had a decent knowledge of the medium."

Ashmit apprises that "Inteha" is not the usual love triangle as there is no love lost in the story. "I am playing a suave businessmen, who comes to a place called Koli and falls in love with Nauheed. From there the story takes some unusual turns but I won't reveal it, because Vikram and Maheshji will shoot me down."

Nauheed however, has no compunctions in revealing that she is playing the spoilsport in the film. "I am playing the bratty girl in love with Ashmit, and the triangle is completed by Vidya, but the thing is that all three are not romantically attached." Nauheed feels that a good actress is one whose face can act and doesn't depend on dialogues only. "People have told me that I am natural in front of the camera and my eyes emote well."

Ashmit admits that his character does have some grey shades and takes pride in it as well. "Even Vivek Oberoi had an Ajay Devgan to fall back upon in `Company', I am carrying the film on my shoulders. Vikram is best known for thrillers and here he is at his best."

But Ashmit does have something that makes him nervous. "There is something jinxed with the movie. While shooting in Ooty, my little finger got snapped. Then while shooting the climax in a swamp I got rashes. Still I haven't fully recovered from them. Then conjunctivitis struck me, and as if that was not enough, now I have high fever. Besides, Friday fever is giving me goose pimples," laments Asmit running to the bathroom to clear his nose.

Well, Ashmit can take heart from the fact that this season, only celebrities are getting hurt during shoots.


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