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A LITTLE CARE Eat wisely while travelling

A LITTLE CARE Eat wisely while travelling  

With simple precautions, you can avoid falling ill on a journey

Keep fit while on the move. To eat wise and travel right, all you need to do is take some simple precautions. Take a day off to have a medical check up and make sure that all is well with you. Check for possible disease outbreaks in the area you are travelling to, and be prepared. Find out what types of vaccinations you will need to enter a country. There may also be medications you'll need to take before, during and even after your trip. Get your vaccinations done early in case you are prone to a reaction and need some recovery time. To lessen your chances of contracting Traveller's Diarrhoea (TD), be extremely careful about the food you eat and beverages you drink while travelling. TD is usually triggered by poor sanitation conditions and consumption of contaminated food and water; it can be aggravated by factors such as fatigue, jet lag, change in diet and climate.Drink only bottled water. When not available, use water purification tablets. If doubtful about the source of water, settle for a cup of hot tea and coffee or aerated drinks. Always remember to brush your teeth with bottled or purified water. You can also drink boiled water. Avoid ice cubes, as they might have been made with impure water. Drink plenty of water/fluids when travelling in hot countries as dehydration suddenly catches up with you.Canned or bottled carbonated beverages are generally safe, provided they bear a serrated seal. Be careful to wipe the surface area of the can or bottle that touches your mouth. Food should also be handled with care. Raw meat, shellfish, salads, fresh fruit (unless you can remove the peel), uncooked vegetables, and unpasteurised milk products may all be hazardous to your health. Eat only freshly cooked food at clean places. Do not eat food that has been left in the open or appears stale. Avoid meat and fish during the summer months in tropical countries. Carry complete your health information with you on your trip. An aware traveller is a healthy traveller. If you have any food allergies, learn the names of those foods in the languages used in the countries you'll be visiting. This way you'll be better equipped to look out for them.

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