Beauty in bloom

Beauty is as beauty does  

LOOKING GOOD is everybody's birthright. And nobody has the right to stop us from looking good, as it's man's inherent desire.

But is the desire to look beautiful turning into a mania nowadays? Are the youngsters and even the not so young going overboard in trying to look attractive? From umpteen commercials seducing you to buy the numerousbeauty products, to the mushrooming of beauty parlours and with cosmetic surgeries turning routine the world today appears to have just one purpose and drive - to look attractive.

The concept of beauty has always been a mystery. And nobody can deny that `a thing of (physical) beauty is a joy'. It may not last forever but it undoubtedly is a powerful booster. Studies have shown that good-looking people often get better responses, are treated with courtesy and take home fatter pay packets. In a survey Mother Teresa was a strong contender for the most beautiful women.

But there lurks within some a misconception that one tries to look good with a single purpose to attract the opposite sex. . But there is much more to it than such a prejudiced view. Mira Joshi a forty-four year old bank officer and a mother of two teenagers reveals, "everyday before I go for work when I groom myself before the mirror it gives me a feeling of confidence . I find that my colleagues, both men and women, are more receptive and forthcoming to my ideas and suggestions on the days I look my best. Clients and customers too are more attentive and obliging. Whereas, on days that I know I look unkempt the reverse is true." Beauty is thus positive and encouraging. Not merely to trap or sensationalise, beauty inspires and has a higher purpose to create a sense of self-confidence. It stimulates, encourages and kindles us to bring out our best.

The inclination to cater to better-looking individuals seems to be a natural choice though sometimes unfair. But wouldn't we all smile at an angelic face than a villainous one? Says Brian Joseph, a shipping executive, "the cleaner and smarter you look the easier it is to get business done as everybody from the boss to subordinates are friendlier, alert and approachable. So one need not feel over-conscious or mull over too much about trying to look good. For beauty definitely spreads good vibes and productive interaction. It is appreciated by all." Babies in their cradles too it has been observed gurgle and respond better to a pretty face. Geetha Menon, a doctor says, "sometimes when I step out for work my children compliment me if I look good. It is such a wonderful and invigorating way to start the day."

Looks without character are barren. But one definitely gets a head start with a charming and pleasing appearance. So begin each day with a smart, brisk appearance and walk erect to success and fulfilment. You need not have golden tresses or bedroom eyes nor be a knockout or a stunner but with a little care and with the right attitude you can go places.