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GOING SOLO Melanie C a.k.a. Sporty Spice

GOING SOLO Melanie C a.k.a. Sporty Spice  

Members of popular bands `Spice Girls' and `Blue' make their solo debuts this week.

Ministry of Sound/Universal

Launching this week is the twin CD compilation of sounds of 2005 - the latest volume in the Ministry of Sound series. Featuring on the album are hottest club grooves mixed by the internationally acclaimed DJ Paul van Dyke, with Mylo, Tiesto, Fat Boy Slim, Chemical Brothers, and remixes from The Killers, INXS and Kaiser Chiefs. This is the nearest you can get to the Berlin Love Parade, the wild street party that has music buffs from all over the world marching to techno music beats.

Melanie C/EMI

After a rocking solo career Melanie Chisholm, (Sporty Spice), cuts an album on her Red Girl Records. A realisation of a long held dream, the album features anthemic rock and deeply personal songs, developed over a period of nine months and co-written by Melanie C (except Next best superstar written by Adam Argyle). "I love performing and before we started recording the album we went touring to see what worked live and what people liked. It was a totally different style of production. We were trying to get across the emotional journey of each song. We just wanted to keep the raw feel, the imperfections were important," observes Melanie.

Simon Webbe/Virgin

Simon `Blue' Webbe makes his solo debut this month. The key songwriter on many of the bands biggest hits All Rise, Fly By and One Love on its multi platinum debut and subsequent albums signs a solo deal this year. "I didn't want to produce a UK R&B record. You've got Usher and Mario and they're doing R&B and doing it very, very well. I chose not to go down that route, as I wanted to create my own sound. It's a mixture of soulful vocals, urban beats and acoustic guitars," says Webbe. About the lead single, "it was inspired by the Bill Withers track Grandma's hands. You immediately feel better when someone gives you a hug and lays their hands on you,"Simon says.

Kanye West/Universal

Producer rapper Kayne (pronounced Kahn Yay) West from Chicago comes up with a follow up studio album to his smash debut The College Dropout that won the Grammy for the Best Rap Album and sold four million copies. This time West ropes in Jay-Z, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Brandy and Camron as star guests. Already the single from the album Diamonds (from Sierra Leone), which samples Shirley Bassey's Diamonds are forever, has climbed to the UK Top Ten list.


The electronic pop alchemists from Bath, England, follow up the release of their brand new single Ooh la la with their new album that is slated for release on August 22. This is the group's third album.

As for the new album, it is the sound of Goldfrapp breaking through their own crash barrier. "We've made an electronic, glam cross between Berlin, New York and north-east Somerset," explains Alison Goldfrapp, lead vocals, keyboards and synthesisers.


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