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THE `BUSINESS-to-Business' (B2B) concept via the net has become a mantra for any company, to capture a global market for their products at a low cost. While this concept has hit many cities across the country, the Business Computing Network Solutions Private Limited (BCNS) has launched a portal — — on September 17, to cater for traders of Madurai and for those from southern districts.

The site will provide various facilities for its clients such as upload of products along with specifications, display of pictures of each individual product or model and their salient features, information about the price of the products, stock availability, customer registration and their interest on various products and process of orders. Information regarding process of orders will be forwarded to the sales department of the respective organisations through e-mail service.

"The is a complete business solution to all entrepreneurs, eager to enter the global market. Unlike the directory services, we will not stop with giving details about the company and their products, but also provide space for responding to enquiries, order process, etc.", explains Radhakrishnan, Director, Global Strategy & Planning, Business Computing Network Solutions Private Limited.

Apart from these services, the site will also keep the clients informed, in advance, of the various trade fairs and exhibitions to be held in different countries across the world. The BCNS, through its offices and associates in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UK, France and Australia, will arrange for business meetings with customers abroad at any preferred venue.

"Information about the global market scenario, currency values, laws governing trade sector, procedures, etiquettes and business policies of different countries will also be provided in an effort to put the new entrepreneurs in the right direction", says Mr.Radhakrishnan.

To create a business niche for the products of the clients listed on the site, the branch offices and associates of the Business Computing Network Solutions Private Limited will promote this site among the business promotion councils, the chambers and the trade bodies in other countries.

"The products will be listed subject-wise to make things easier for the browsers", he says.

As for the cost to own a slot in, Mr. Radhakrishnan says, "we provide a facility, web body builder, with which the client themselves can design their site and the cost for using this facility comes close to Rs.9000, along with an annual subscription of Rs.960 approximately. Those using our web bodybuilder need not pay the annual fee for the first year, which is provided as an incentive, by the company, to the clients. Those entrepreneurs, who already have a site, can also join the, for which we charge the yearly subscription alone".

"Another feature of the site is that the clients can unload the products in their slot and load any of their new products", he points out.

About the documents required to book a slot in this portal, the client has to submit the ROC number of the company.

"Some of the core groups we are trying to rope in are the medium and manufacturing units, thriving mainly on natural resources. We plan to include at least 1000 traders by next year", says Radhakrishnan.

"Talks are also underway with leading logistics company to provide information in this sector", he says, adding, "not only industries, even consultants can list their names on this site to get overseas clients".

With all these, for any entrepreneur, who wants to cover the untapped areas in the international market, it is just a click of the mouse.


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