Ban on smoking

I FEEL it is a great move by the Government to ban smoking at public places.

Smoking not only affects the smoker but also affects the person who inhales the smoke (passive smoker).

Though the statutory warning says `smoking is injurious to health', no one seems to mind it.

Despite the Government ban, it is not implemented strictly by the authorities concerned.

To put an end to the menace, the Government should brand cigarette also as a narcotic substance.

M.Prasad, 3/110, II Street, Indian Bank Colony, Madurai.

HATS OFF to the Government for banning cigarette smoking at public places. Even though it is somewhat late, it is an important move.

Public places are vulnerable points where diseases spread.. .

Madurai, is surrounded by an array of villages and the literacy rate and awareness of the bad effects of smoking are low.

Ban on smoking

There's a famous proverb - "Thottil Pazhakam Sudukadu Muttum". It is slightly modified like "Cigarette Pazhakam Sudukadu Muttum".

The ban on smoking and chewing of tobacco and pan products will succeed only when there's an effective implementation by the Government and cooperation from the public.

K.Kamalaganesh, F-101, Shanthi Sadhan, Kochadai, Madurai - 16.

THAT SMOKING endangers the health of not only smokers, but also those who inhale the smoke, needs no special emphasis.

According to a WHO survey, smoking has been responsible for the death of seven million people all over the world per year. Considering this, ban on smoking at public places is welcome decision, but it is highly unlikely that the measure will bring about a drastic shrinkage of either the smoking community or the volume of sale of cigarettes for the following reasons.

The ban is restricted only to public places.It follows, therefore, that except in these locations, there are no constraints for a smoker.

A total ban on the production and sale of cigarettes is unthinkable because of the colossal loss of revenue to the government.

Ban on smoking

Inspite of the fact that almost every year excise levy on cigarettes was upwardly revised it had failed to make any dent.

Cigarette manufacturing companies target the youth, especially those below the age of 21 years.

In the visual media there is no censorship of scenes showing the actor smoking a cigarette. Unfortunately, our youth are quick on the uptake in imitating the mannerisms of their matinee idols.

Moreover, it is needless to say that the public places, defined by the apex court, have not come up in villages and therefore the ban will have its full effect there. Under these circumstances, the ban does not appear to serve any purpose. The remedy, therefore, lies in catching them young, educating them on the hazards of smoking and weaning them away from this harmful habit.

V.Krishnamoorthy, 3/110, II Street (I Floor), Indian Bank Colony, Narayanapuram. Madurai 14.

SMOKING STARTS with a flash and ends with ash. It is injurious to health and creates a lot of pollution.

Ban on smoking at public places is really a good move.

But will the people follow it? Certainly not. Their immediate response will be "it is our money and our right to smoke". This is the attitude of the people.

So what should be done? Such people should be fined heavily in front of the public. Cigaretters should be sold at a very high rate. Production should be reduced. .

Though the ban came into effect a long time ago, it was followed strictly only for a few days. An individual is part of a community and community is formed by individuals. If each individual takes up the responsibility of giving up smoking, the community as a whole will benefit.

Sangeetha Kandavel, 2, Mount Pleasant, Coonoor - 643 102 Nilgiris.

Ban on smoking

SMOKING AND chewing of tobacco products cause quarter million premature deaths a year in our country.

Smokers pose problems not only to their health but also to the health of others.

According to the law, smoking is prohibited at public places. From the innermost recesses of our hearts, let us welcome the ban and save the future generation.

L.Baskaran 15, Perumal Samy Street, Goripalayam, Madurai - 2.

IN A democratic Government, the laws are enacted with an intention to make the life peaceful, happy and healthy for citizens.

Hence the ministers, government servants and the citizens should realise, both in letter and spirit, the logic behind any law.

Ban on smoking

The successful implementation of law depends on the wilful understanding of the reasons and benefits of the law to the society. Behind every lapse in the implementation of the laws in India, we are sorry to observe the lack of will on the part of both the Government and the public.

If the citizens are made to realise that the legislations are introduced to create civilised society and for the betterment of the future generations, then there is no need to bother about enactment and enforcement of such laws.

Dr. M.Meenakshi Sundaram, 4, Nethaji Street, Pandian Nagar, Kosakulam (Anayur), Madurai - 17

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