Bag the accolades!

"GIVING THE true and tried a new spin," seems to be the all-powerful methodology to create present-day fashion. The tried and tested clothing brand - Burberry of England takes a new spin with a chic mode of selling; much more edgy collections and "all that" it takes to be on top of the style charts like never before.

Who does not understand the appeal for the distinctive Burberry tartan? While mapping fashion, there would not be a fabric pattern more popular than the Burberry beige, red and black check. Whether it is on trench coats, mufflers or bags... Burberry tartan has always had privileged buyers.

Its reinvented image has brought back the `Burberry Bag Craze'. Fashion comes with a price. This desirable British accessory comes for a price point of Rs. 12,000 (approx). However, the fake replicas on the streets range from as low as Rs. 250 to Rs. 1,500 only.

Bag the accolades!

This one is here to last. Its versatile colours can match nearly every outfit. The list of takers is on the rise as this piece of chic accessory can give an edgy feel to even a pair of basic jeans.

Coated to look fresh despite any number of bruises, Burberry bag uses fine count canvas. This fabric base guards every woman's secret in an undiluted structure that does not lose shape.

Giving attention to detail, the zipper comes with a leather tag as the puller. And it goes without saying that the hardware (zipper) is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Burberry bag's chic red heavy-duty leather on the handles makes you forget all your worries on the tenth day of use. Also, the handle stitch allows the handle to retain the hem shape forever. The metal label has a clasp that does not give away even on pulling.

Endorsed by the Bollywood legend Dev Anand, and promoted by celebrities like Kate Moss, Burberry tartan is here till the end of fashion. And you know that if you want to invest in a timeless fashion accessory, Burberry bag is the right choice.


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