Awareness on asthma

Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) was formed to increase awareness of asthma among health professionals, public health authorities and the general public and to improve prevention and management through a concerted worldwide effort. GINA's important activity is to work with international experts regarding the guidelines, reports and resources. These materials incorporate the latest developments in science to help improve asthma management. The objectives of Asthma Foundation of India (AFI) To increase awareness about asthma and its public health consequences among the patients and the medical fraternity and to promote identification of reasons for the increased prevalence of asthma. Also, to bring about standardisation in the management of asthma, to promote study of the association between asthma and environment, to reduce asthma morbidity and mortality and to improve availability and access of effective asthma therapy to different sections of society.

Free camps

To meet these objectives, AFI conducts free medical camps for screening and subsequent treatment of asthmatics, distributes free drugs, patient education booklets, free spacers, rotahalers, inhalers and rotacaps. It also organises medical education programmes and workshops to familiarise practitioners with modern concepts and methods of asthma management.

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