Authentically Chinese

INVITING AMBIENCE: Rush, lest you find the tables occupied.  

BLAME IT on the plane - the flight from Mainland China which brought in the diverse assortment of herbal and Cantonese sauces from Taipei and Hongkong. Or blame chef Rocky Chung for the infectious taste.

But the mad hustle amongst takers for the on-going seafood festival at Chinese Pavilion (road no. 1, Banjara Hills) has to be seen to be believed.

The Chinese have always been an epicurean favourite in sea fare and Chinese Pavilion just seems to prove the point. Ho ho sik (good eating) is what they promise... a claim that can hardly be refuted for the sumptuous fare offered at the festival.

Be it the luscious lobsters or the succulent squid, the crispy crabs or the piquant prawns, dipped generously in imported sauces from the land of Confucius, the wide-ranging menu offers quite a kaleidoscope of exciting seafood dishes.

Starters like, lobster dry red chilli, steam crab, prawns wrapped in Chinese greens, Mongolian barbecue, squid ginger chilly, sliced Pataya pomfret, amongst others are hot favourites. You can either select your choice of sauce in most of the items for serious gastronomic adventures, or seek the chef's assistance should you want to play it safe.

In the main course, there are dishes like, jumbo prawns in Hoisinsauce, lobster Singapore chilly, jumbo crab with black bean sauce, Szechwan crab with steamed bread, sliced pomfret in Taipan sauce and so on.

SUMPTUOUS FARE: Taste the exotic seafood.

SUMPTUOUS FARE: Taste the exotic seafood.  

Chef Chung, who has gained credible experience from China Garden in Mumbai (Asia's one of the top Chinese restaurants), bets that each dish is a delight in itself, both for the connoisseur and general public, alike.

"It is our hope that the seafood festival will educate the public by offering insight into the farming of seafood, the habitat of marine animals, the cooking methods of Chinese seafood, and the nutritional qualities of various types of fish and shellfish, apart from giving them a taste of the exotic fare," says Chinese Pavilion managing director Ali Murtazai.

The Shanghai style of serving, the typical stench, Vanessa's monotones at the background and a giant-sized aquarium in the fore, will make any mind conjure up images of of waves dashing against the shores and fresh seafood being barbecued just beside in the open area kitchens.

The festival concludes on December 30. So, head towards Chinese Pavilion (tel: 55785680/81), bask in the waves, indulge in the lip-smacking authentic sea fare and you will certainly have more than one reason to visit again.