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Can I take an oil or cream massage and apply a face pack recommended by you daily? I feel the oatmeal, curd, honey and rosewater pack is a balanced one. Instead of oatmeal can I use green gram? It doesn't make the skin oily or dry. I have tried everything possible for a smooth and flawless skin, but in vain. Also tell what can I do to get rid of wrinkles around my eyes? I don't use any undereye gel or cream. My face also has open pores. Can I steam my face everyday and use a face scrub? I use a rice flour scrub. Can I use honey with a dash of lime on my face, leave it on for about 10 minutes and wash it off? — Swetha

After looking at your long list of questions, I feel you have a sensitive skin. If a cream massage led to pimples and boils, your skin must be oily. You should avoid applying creams. No massages for you. Do not use oils such as til or olive oil. You can apply a light moisturising lotion on the dry areas. You can also try applying a little honey on the dry areas. Avoid using a facial scrub. In the face pack, you can substitute oatmeal with green gram flour. However, for now apply only curd, honey and rosewater two or three times a week. Perhaps, this will suit your skin better. You can use a little almond oil around the eyes. Apply and remove gently with moist cotton wool after 10 minutes. Oil or cream should not be left on in the eye area. A clear skin is also a matter of good internal health. After taking your doctor's advice, you could start doing yoga and deep breathing exercises (pranayama).

My sister is suffering from severe hair loss for the past one year. She has oily skin, which causes pimples and scars. Suggest remedies. Sometimes you recommend people to use mild shampoos and soaps. How do we find out which ones are mild and suitable for us? — Shyam

Your sister should check if she has dandruff, as it can lead to hair loss. Besides, if there is an oily-skin condition on the scalp too, there can be hair loss. If there is dandruff, it should be treated immediately. For the skin, she can buy an astringent and mix it with rose water in equal quantities. This mixture can be kept in a bottle and used daily to wipe the face, using cotton wool. She should wash her face with a medicated soap only twice a day. Sandalwood paste may be applied on the pimples and left on for an hour or two. Once a day she can apply curd on her entire face and wash off after 20 minutes. For the hair, she should also apply oil the night before shampoo and avoid massage. A herbal shampoo may be used. It is best to use less shampoo. She should include sprouts in her daily diet and ask her doctor to prescribe vitamin and mineral supplements. Also, if there is no dandruff, she can ask her doctor about a thyroid imbalance test.

I keep getting pimples that leave a scars on my cheeks. Please help. Thogh I apply milk and moisturisers, my face appears dry and rough. I use a sunscreen lotion with SPF 40. Can I use it directly on the face or apply a moisturiser before? — Mary

Pimples occur on oily areas of the face. Therefore, you should avoid applying milk and moisturisers on those areas. Use a medicated soap to wash your face twice a day. If the face is dry, you can apply rose water. Honey can also help. Mix rose water and lemon juice in equal quantities and apply on the area where there are pimples. Wash off after 20 minutes. Instead of applying milk, you can apply curd and wash it off after 20 minutes. If you use a sunscreen, you don't need to use moisturiser because sunscreens have built-in moisturising capacity. Yes, the sunscreen may be applied directly on the face, 20 minutes before going out. You can apply an anti-pimple lotion on the pimples, or a sandalwood paste. The scars can be treated once the pimples subside.

I am 20 and suffering from severe hair loss. I tried various medications, but no use. My hair has become very thin and I am worried. Can you suggest any remedy to improve the density of my hair? Can you suggest me an oil and shampoo which I can use regularly. I also have dandruff problem, which I think is one of the reasons for my hair fall. What can I do for the dandruff problem? — Deepa

Yes, dandruff can lead to hair loss. Twice a week, heat pure coconut oil and apply it on the scalp. Avoid massage. Leave it on overnight. Next morning, apply the juice of a lemon on the scalp and wash your hair after half an hour. Use a mild shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Weekly henna treatments may also help. To the henna powder add 4 teaspoons each of lemon juice and coffee and enough curd, to mix into a thick paste. Apply on the hair and keep it on for an hour. You can also apply a hair tonic or hair vitalizer daily. Include a small bowl of sprouts in your daily diet and ask your doctor to prescribe vitamin and mineral supplements.

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