Artistic endeavour

IT IS said that the busiest of people find time for everything they want to do. Srilakshmi Mohan Rao is one such woman who has been pursuing her interests with perseverance, despite the fact that women those days were not educated, let alone have careers. Srilakshmi made use of her spare time to learn the nuances of arts and crafts. Today, she imparts training in embroidery, crochet, knitting, glass painting, doll making, nib painting, tatting, embossing, Tanjore painting and vegetable carving.

Gradually, her hobby paved the way for `art classes' as more and more women evinced interest in learning these skills. Srilakshmi also holds summer classes for children, and teaches economically backward women.

She conducts exhibitions of the products made by her students and ensures that the proceeds of the shows reach the persons concerned.

When did you discover this love for crafts? "It's my childhood passion. I was initiated into it by my mother, who was good at hand-work, and as I saw her deft hands at work, it created a longing for the arts and crafts in me. After marriage, I had a lot of spare time and effectively made use of it to pursue my interests." Her students agree that such hobbies are to be encouraged as they give them an opportunity to earn some extra money. Srilakshmi is associated with many social organisations such as the Lions Club, Arya Vysya Mahila Sabha, Indian Vegetarian Congress and World Telugu Federation.

Employed at the Kothari Academy for Women, she teaches home crafts for graduates and under-graduates. Her home at Alwarpet (ph: 4995406) is a veritable museum of arts and crafts.


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