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In 2013, Riythvika arrived as an actress. She endeared herself to audiences in her very first outing on the big screen. In Bala’s Paradesi , she played the tortured Karuthakanni, who was sexually exploited in the plantations. Recently, she was in the limelight again — in Madras , she played Mary, a loving wife, who playfully fights and makes up with her husband before life deals her a cruel blow.

“As a child, I used to play-act and reel out dialogues from films. I would laugh, smile, cry, and weep. My only audience used to be the mirror!” she laughs. “I always dreamt of working in cinema, though our family had nothing to do with the movies,” says Riythvika.

During college at SIET, Teynampet, she acted in some short films and dropped off her photos with film PROs. That was when Bala was casting for his magnum opus Paradesi . A couple of auditions later, she was selected to play Karuthakanni. “It was all very surreal. One minute, I was a short-film actor and, the next, I was part of a Bala film,” she smiles. She went on to act in Vikraman’s Ninaithathu Yaaro before Pa Ranjith chose her for Madras . She played a North Chennai girl, who laughs abundantly, grieves, and later, smiles quietly despite her surroundings and situation. “Initially, it was tough to get the accent right. But we had workshops and Ranjith kept encouraging me. I had to do well; after all, it was a film about my city,” says Riythvika.

The young actress’ family is delighted with her success. “My father was hesitant, but after Paradesi , there’s full support from home,” she says. Riythvika admits her USP is her large, expressive eyes. “But, you know, in college, my friends would call me ‘mutta kannu’. Now, they grudgingly tell me they were wrong!”

Riythvika is currently looking at scripts but is yet to sign up for any new film. “I want to take my time. I want to be part of good cinema, and I’m willing to wait,” says the actress, who hopes she will sometime land a role like that of Nandita Das’ in Mani Ratnam’s Kannathil Muthamittal . “It was one of the roles I acted out in front of my mirror!”

One minute, I was a short-film actor and, the next, I was part of a Bala film

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