All that glitter

THERE ARE evenings and then there are resplendent evenings. A m�lange of glitter and glitterati certainly promises the latter. Yet, it was something more, or so the designers at Tanishq would like us to believe, that was the cynosure of all eyes at the launch of Pallavi Dudeja's Zoya Collection which boasted of the presence of the likes of familiar faces like Siddharth Basu and Sunit Tandon amongst others. Diamonds with their infinite charms left many in a trance but the romance of Indian women with precious stones is hardly a secret. Nor is the Indian mysticism that seeks to captivate the soul. So, in that respect, The J.W. Marriott hotel at New Delhi was playing host to a collection, which we have always known about. Yet, it was those who prefer the avant garde instead of the conventional that delighted the most.

Zoya, a limited edition collection of exquisite hand crafted intricate designs utilising diamonds, rubies, emeralds and semi precious stones such as garnets and citrine set in white and yellow gold, surprisingly saw even the biggest gems of the collection arranged off centre. Maybe, that is what complements an off shoulder or a dress with an asymmetric top. The inspiration, however, extended beyond the individual preferences and dress patterns to include the Sufi philosophy as well. "I haven't used Islamic motifs or anything of that sort but there is a Sufi touch to it. Every necklace has an element of surprise and a philosophy behind it," says Pallavi, the designer behind Zoya and other collections such as the Tanishq Paisley, 9 to 5 collection, ARIA Collection and the Hoopla Collection. Necklaces such as Nirvana, Panorama, Breath of life, etc... portraying the beauty of Nature and the simplicity of being. The apparel too ensured the simplicity and highlighted the pastiche and not the torso. Together with the tunes of the Sufi qawwalis, it would have impressed most fashion cognoscenti had the make up not tried to equal the dazzle of a girl's best friend and the whole thing been a little more coordinated.

"It's all great stuff but totally unapproachable for me," said well-known news reader Sunit Tandon realising that a range of two to 15 lakhs will burn a hole in his pocket. He, however, was happy that a part of the proceeds will go to the charity of his choice. After all, that is what Zoya means - full of life. Supporting life goes beyond any philosophy. It touches a human chord. No wonder the necklaces were the cynosure of all eyes.


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