All for that glow

Here's a package that can leave your skin soft

Have you often longed to have the skin you had as a baby? It is precisely to address this need that Kaya Skin Clinic launched its Kaya Skin Lightening service in Chennai recently."The Chennai customer is highly discerning from whom we have always received valuable feedback. That's why we have chosen to launch this service here," says Rakesh Pandey, CEO, Kaya. Dr. Maithili Kamat, Head of Medical Advisory, Kaya, says, "There are multiple reasons why one's skin undergoes changes and turns darker exposure to sunlight, ultra violet radiation and harsh cosmetics. Even five minutes of sun exposure everyday can have an adverse effect on the skin." But that's not all. A lot of people have this habit of rubbing their skin vigorously, which darkens it over a period of time. Besides, hormonal changes give rise to pigmentary disorders. Formulated by Kaya Skin Advisory, comprising 150 dermatologists, the product has been clinically tested for safety and efficacy on Indian skin types. The package consists of a month-long treatment phase and a maintenance phase (lasting a couple of months). The treatment phase is a three-step operation, including three peels done on Day 0, Day 15 and Day 30. The initial application of the alpha beta peel (a fruit fatty acid peel) causes exfoliation of the superficial layers of the skin. This is followed by the application of the yellow peel, a paste consisting of a skin smoothening agent (Retinaldehyde) which again exfoliates the skin enabling the skin lightening agents to penetrate better. The exfoliation contributes to the formation of healthier, younger skin. The skin lightening agents block the extra formation of melanin due to sun exposure (the higher the content of melanin in the skin, the darker it gets). And the third peel consists of Vitamin C, an antioxidant which aids in the regeneration process.It is claimed that the results would be evident in 30 days. And it has to be followed by a monthly peel during the maintenance phase. It is also important to follow a skin care regimen simultaneously, which involves the use of a sunscreen and moisturiser. "Since there is peeling of the skin, one has to take care of it with a moisturiser. As sunlight has a damaging effect, when new skin is being formed, it is important to use a sunscreen," says Dr. Maithili.The Skin Lightening Service is recommended after adermatologist assesses your skin type and studies your skin care regimen. Men and women above the age of 18 can go in for this.The whole package of 3 peels costs Rs. 5,400, inclusive of the sunscreen and moisturiser. SUDHA UMASHANKER
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