After 'Tara', a new star...

AFTER ENTHRALLING television viewers with riveting soap operas, Vinta Nanda, creative head of Zee TV wants to try out her luck in the film world. The scriptwriter and producer of one of the longest running soap operas in the history of Indian television, "Tara", wants to conquer the dizzy heights of Bollywood and to pursue her goal - without any hiccups -- she has taken a sabbatical from her television job and is concentrating all her energies and expertise in making an absorbing film.

How was the making of hugely popular "Tara" like one asks the bespectacled lady, sitting at the coffee shop of New Delhi's Le Meridien Hotel. Says Vinta, "It was a highly challenging job but gave me creative satisfaction. Naveet Nishan played the protagonist and the serial ran for nearly five years. I had projected a bold and mature woman who is independent in her thinking."

How would you explain the metamorphosis from a successful writer of serials depicted on the small screen to a Bollywood producer at a time when the industry has suffered mind-boggling loss to the tune of Rs. 290 cores?

"I am fully aware that a large number of films are faring disastrously at the box office but I am going to make a small budget film. Moreover I have planned and packaged the film in such a manner that I am not going to lose money. I am realistic about the present scenario. If times are bad you don't stop living. You re-plan your life. I am not trying anything extravagant. I am going to commence shooting from March next year. While I have selected the heroine, Nandana Sen, daughter of noted Nobel laureate, economist Dr. Amartya Sen I haven't made up my mind on the man who will play opposite her," says Vinta.

Vinta informs that it didn't require much of coaxing and prodding to take in Nandana Sen as the lady in question wants to make a mark as a professional actress. The film title is "White Noise", essentially a romantic story in a middle class Mumbai suburb. Talking about the film, Vinta says, "This film is a comment on suburban life in Lokhandwala in Mumbai. It is like mini Italy or mini China or mini Haryana. The characters converse with each other in Hinglish. The film is set against the backdrop of a super hit soap opera. While acting the two artists actually fall in love."

Vinta Nanda is confident of sailing any boat as she has demonstrated by churning out serials not just for Zee but other channels. Now she has the confidence of coming out triumphant on the Bollywood turf.

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