Achieve that wonderful silence

NO DOUBT you know some people these words could apply to! The English novelist and poet, Thomas Hardy, said them over one hundred years ago.

Whether they're chronic complainers, back-stabbers, gossips, know-it-alls, bullies, or just plain bossy, here are five tips for dealing with people whose silence you long for.

First, don't take it personally. They're probably like this with everyone, not just you.

Take a deep breath. This delivers oxygen into your brain, which helps you think clearly and keep your cool.

While you're taking that deep breath (or three!) remind yourself that they're probably doing the best they can. They just lack the skills to communicate differently.

Listen for the facts and important information in what they're saying and at the same time, filter out their nastiness, their emotionalism, or whatever it is that's making you yearn for their silence.

Finally, let them know you've heard them and understood their point. At the very least, they may stop repeating it and allow the conversation to progress sensibly.


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