A time for adventure, too

Climbing and coming down a rocky slope, dropping in on a 15-foot wave, tearing down a mud covered mountainbike trail, or slicing through the seashore at 30 knots: does any of these interest you? Well, the just-concluded Visakha Utsav would have given you ample opportunities to venture into the world of adventure sports. These Utsav events confirmed the growing popularity of adventure sports in the city, with many enthusiasts trying their hands in beach motorbike racing and rock climbing. The vrooming mobike race saw some thrilling performances by 45 youngsters on full throttle on the slippery sands. The event was held in two categories - under 140 cc and above 140 cc. Curious onlookers cheered them heartily as the participants maneuvered their way through the furious waves that came splashing at them.Winner of the above-140 cc category Rajiv Singh remarked: "I had even broke my leg once earlier. But the thrill of racing a bike is something different." Interestingly, there was a lone woman participant, Saroja, who got a special participation prize. At the rock climbing training programme held on Simhachalam hilltop road, the participants displayed a healthy sense of endurance, strength, patience and strategy as they clambered up the rock and then rappelled down from the summit.

Visual delight

With their intoxicating and balmy effect, the exhibits displayed at the flower show atop Kailasagiri proved to be a visual delight. There were greens and greens, scarlets, pink and violets, and a host of hybrid colours, the names of which eluded one. The exotic flowers in icy white, bright blue, brilliant scarlet, delicate pink and blushing rose were a class by themselves.Right at the entrance, the huge balls of bright caranations welcomed the visitors, who were enthralled by special types of flower arrangements like Ikebana. Bird of Paradise, Heliconia, caranations, anthurium, zerbera, Asiatic lily and roses gladioli were the exotic varieties of flowers used in these arrangements, according to D.Padma of the Ohara School of Ikabana, Hyderabad. The bonsai section included more than 30 varieties of exotic plants from places like Thailand, Australia, South Africa. NIVEDITA GANGULY

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