A spicy ketchup!

Macarena was more than just a hit dance song when it was first released in 1996 by Los Del Rio. It opened the doors to Spanish pop music. There was a time when half the international releases had a tint of Spanish and Latino in them.

Tic Tic Taco was the second major hit. Just when we thought Spanish music has peaked, the airwaves and the TV channels are flooded with one particular song, which has caught the fancy of listeners around the globe. `The Ketchup Song' is the debut single of a sister-trio (Lola, Lucia and Pilar Munoz) who call themselves `Las Ketchup'. The girls have named the band after their father, Tomate Munoz, who is a renowned Flamenco guitarist from Cordoba, Spain.

Though the song, Asereje, is essentially in Spanish, an English translation called The Ketchup Song is included in it. The song has a very lively energetic feel to it, with fast and some `folksy' accomplishments.

The song is actually a song about another song. According to the group's biographical notes, the song tells the story of a guy called Diego, who likes a popular 1979 tune (Rapper's Delight by Sugar Hill Gang), but he does not know the English lyrics and so he pronounces them as gibberish.

Sounds strange? Sure does, and the very reason why the song has become the talk of the town, is that for the first time ever, a song features gibberish as lyrics. Majavi an de bugui an de budidipi, form the lyrics.

The album features the song in four different versions. The `Spanglish' version, which has English lyrics; a pure Spanish version; a `hippy' version and a sing-along Karaoke version.

A spicy ketchup!

Other songs in the album like Kusha Las Payas and Tengo Un Novio Tantriko are danceable, but The Ketchup Song steals the show. And why not? Never before in the history of popular music has `gibberish' topped the charts in the entire South American continent. It has toppled even Eminem off the number one slot.

Well, all we can say is `ufergerts tumbagercko'. Didn't get that? You don't have to. It's the latest fad -- to talk gibberish! Want to do `The Ketchup Dance'? Here's how you go about it— (1) Cross hands across torso, alternate your left hand over right hand six times.

(2) Hitch a ride to the right and repeat to the left. (3) Move both arms in small circular motions over your head. (4) Move right hand to front of head and left hand to back of head. (5) With hands to front and back of head, move knees together and away from each other four times. (6) Now just wiggle!