A perfectionist?

IT'S NOT always that beginners land up with the right kind of roles in Bollywood. But for Perizaad Zorabian, good offers have come her way that promise to showcase her acting talent. In "Mumbai Matinee", she will play Rahul Bose's love. Earlier her role opposite Om Puri in "Bollywood Calling" provided her a golden opportunity to exhibit her acting prowess. And she is supposed to have come up with a fine performance in her forthcoming "Joggers Park", a film by Subhash Ghai. Playing a high-flying hotel executive and model in the film, that captures several nuances in the world of two generations, her meetings with Victor Banerjee (who plays Justice Chatterjee, a stickler for old values) at Joggers Park, soon become a matter of the heart.

It is said that Perizaad believes in not just appearing on screen, but emoting every frame convincingly! That is why, for her next role in Mahesh Dattani's musical "Morning Raga", the actress, we hear, has already started taking Carnatic lessons. Speaks volumes of her training in Lee Strasburg Acting School! The trained ballerina has certainly put her best foot forward in the industry!

(Compiled by Ranjani Govind)