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REALITY BITES A scene from `Matrubhumi'

REALITY BITES A scene from `Matrubhumi'  

The long-awaited `Dus' hits the screens this week

This is little B's second screen outing in as many weeks. After playing Michael Corleone in Ram Gopal Varma's reimaging of The Godfather, Sarkar in Dus he plays Shashank a member of the elite Anti Terrorist Cell.

With bossman (Sanjay Dutt) and team comprising of Aditi (Shilpa Shetty), Aditya (current hottie Zayed Khan) and Suniel Shetty playing a Canadian police officer (yes!) have to foil a diabolical conspiracy that would be unveiled on May 10 - Dus.

A host of actors play supporting roles including Dia Mirza who we will be seeing on screen after gazillion years and Riya Sen.

Theatres: Parameshwari, Sensation

Fareb (Hindi)

Sisters Shilpa (a double bill!) and Shamita Shetty are together for the first time in this Deepak Tijori film. Tijori whose Oops and Khamosh did not exactly set the box office on fire, tries his hand with a thriller. Manoj Bajpai plays the creative director of an ad-agency. What is it about ad-agencies and urban crime?

He is happily married to Shilpa Shetty. Temptation comes in the form of Shamita. There is a murder and Theatres: Ramakrishna, Kumar

Kung Fu Hustle (English/Hindi/Telugu)

This latest Hong Kong import is a fun mixture of action adventure and comedy. Directed by Stephen Chow Sing, the film would be fun to watch in any language - with gravity defying stunts and inane comedy.

Theatres: Skyline, Odeon, Shashikala

Matrubhumi - A Nation Without Women (Hindi)

Manish Jha's grim futuristic tale explores a future where female infanticide has tilted the moral balance terribly and turned men into something worse than beasts. Boney Kapoor who has taken on the mantle of the patron saint of alternative cinema presents the film.

Theatre: Prasads Multiplex

The Pacifier (English)

Vin Diesel - he of the buff body and puppy dog eyes tries his hand at comedy in this film directed by Adam Shankman. Here he plays Shane Wolfe a Navy SEAL assigned to taking care of five out of control children. Strongman Arnold Schwarzenegger turned to comedy with a great deal of success and we have to see if Xander Cage will succeed in comedy like he did in extreme sports and dirt car racing

Theatre: Sterling

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