A misnomer

Apropos the item, 'Tollywood in Vizag' (Vizagnettes October 14), it is often seen in newspapers in the South referring to the Telugu film industry as 'Tollywood'. It is not correct. Only the Bengali film industry, which is in existence in Tollyganj in Kolkata, can be called 'Tollywood' as it is described so in the cine publications of the North. Probably unaware of this, the Southern media is wrongly attributing the name to the Telugu film industry. This should be corrected ere long.

---Raj Naresh Kumar

Stress on hygiene

Metro Plus is publishing so many good things about Vizag and Vizagites. Well, once in a while it is also necessary to tell what we, Vizagites, lack.

The beauty of the city, endowed with natural scenic beauty, is marred by the obnoxious practice of open defecation. Not only slum dwellers are indulging in this, but also some lower middle class people are guilty of this habit.

This lack of hygiene awareness is reflected in many households in the city not opting for connectivity to the underground drainage system. While the Municipal Corporation's lethargy may be a contributing factor to this, Metr Plus should sound an occasional wake-up call to Vizagitesin hygiene and cleanliness.

---T.S. Rao

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