A mishmash marvel !

LOOKING DIFFERENT is the inthing these days. Residing in apartments and yet achieving that singular touch does not seem to be that difficult for this couple.

Harischandra prasad, an enterprising businessman and his better half, Anuradha, a professor in management, are the rulers of this awesome dwelling. That a mishmash of two flats positioned one above the other to accomplish a duplex style can be special in its own way was proved after a visit to their dream house.

The traditional entry point in a Silpi style is just the beginning to the extended way ahead, standing unusual. The rosewood furniture with a buff envelop is quite contrasting to the light shade walls, adding to the tasteful ambience.

A mishmash marvel !

The blending of the modern burgundy cushion settee with an old-fashioned stool carved in teak wood and embellished with mirrors and stained glass-painted replicas embedded into it, is beautiful.

Atractive staircase

The staircase which occupies one major corner is trimmed skilfully to make it an attractive feature of the house. The storage unit beneath the stairs is elegantly embellished with etched glass flaps adding to the glow.

A mishmash marvel !

The gathering of the vases and the eye-catching artefacts at the beginning of the stairs is original. Paintings adorning the walls provide a panoramic view of the various aspects of life in an attractive way. The leather beanbag placed in one corner, a comfy chair in the centre, also in leather and the home theatre on the other end lend the foyer an air of sophistication.

Vivacious effect

The couple has succeeded in providing a vivacious effect to their home that could mesmerize the onlooker by making extensive use of artificial plants and flowers.

Photos: Ch. Vijaya Bhaskar

Photos: Ch. Vijaya Bhaskar  

The cabinet embedded into the wall showcasing various goodies in porcelain and glass stand as a special attraction while the presence of the Sharanpur furniture finely tunes the time-honoured look of the domain.

"It has just been three years since we moved in here. We have not really had enough time to set it up," grins Anuradha. The couple has been successful in acquiring a delightfully different look to their dwelling by simply following their heart's desire to add an aesthetic touch to it. And, all they had to do for achieving it was to place their limited accessories in the right place to get the right kind of impact. Liberal use of fauna and flowers and the ornamentation of various urns used to decorate the bends and corners of the rooms are also noticeable.

A mix of the conventional and the modern settings, this dwelling is an excellent example to embark on a spectacular interior by following simple designing techniques.

Tip of the week:

Create a cozy conver - sation area: Furniture backed against the walls around the room can be cold and uninteresting. Where possible, consider placing furniture toward the center of the room, creating intimate seating areas. An area rug to anchor the arrangement works very well. If the room is large enough, create a second grouping of chairs for a special meeting place.

Courtesy: Jamie Moore

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