A fair affair

LOOKING FOR a set of Meenakshi Tirukalyanam or for an artwork on Mecca or Jesus in Papier Mache, then visit the All Craft Exhibition-cum-Sale, at Vijay Mahal in K.K. Nagar, to get one.

Similar attractions are stuffed in every segment at the expo, which is organised by the Poompuhar Corporation.Lord Ganesha in `Walking' and `Reading' postures and `Sangu and Chakram with Tirumann' and many more are up for the grabs in the Papier Mache section. The stall on artworks made of black metal, which is studded with equal attractions, may attract the visitors with some new arrivals like `Suryanarayanar', `Swastik' and `Ashta Ganesha'. Similar works made of white metal are also on display.

The meticulous crafting of Lord Ganesha in Lotus and Nandi are some notable features of this counter. On display at the entrance are the necklaces, earrings, beads and many more ornaments. Yes, it is the jewels section which glitters with malas made of copper enamelled with gold and studded with Kemp stone - sure to arrest the fascination of women.

These malas also come with matching earrings. Necklaces in silver with gold plating decorated with different combination of stones like coral with pearl, navaratan, green annexe with American diamonds and ruby with American diamonds are sure tolure the visitors.

'Happy' outing

'Happy' outing  

Five-metal bangles, temple jewellery are some new and special arrivals here for this expo, according to the stall attendants. The prices of these products range from Rs. 1350 to Rs. 2,500. Apart from these attractions, there are counters displaying articles meant for puja like Saligramam and Rudraksha malas, made of different materials.

Churidar, housecoats, sarees and kidswear form the textile section.Besides, the specials of the Poompuhar such as antique items and showpieces and traditional lamps made of brass are available for sale at the expo. Altogether, the fair is worth a visit to pick up some good pieces that can add to your collections.

The fair, which will go on till August 4, will remain open on all days from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.


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