A dash of dazzle

DESIGNER WEAR Girls are not ready to compromise on their clothes PHOTO: RAJU. V

DESIGNER WEAR Girls are not ready to compromise on their clothes PHOTO: RAJU. V  

Gone are the days when being brand-conscious meant being chic and elegant. Today's woman is designer-conscious, says Mubin Sultan

My customers insist on having a handbag and shoes made of a similar blueprint when ordering for a sari Sudha The history of fashion dates back to the history of clothing by the mankind. One wonders if it all started with a bunch of 'looks-conscious' among the 'early man' clan wanting to look 'different' by wrapping around their bodies leaves of finer texture and better shades. The 'enterprising lot' among the clan might have been overpowered by the urge to stand out in the crowd! Today, fashion has evolved as an aspect of life and the socially active and the elite are not ready for any compromise on this count. We are flooded with fabrics of exquisite workmanship, of alluring patterns shaped into a magical myth by indigenous weavers, the masters of innovation. These were the clothes the great royalty of yesteryears fantasized about. India is witnessing a renaissance of fashion, going back in history to bring home once again, the enthralling fabrics and craftsmanship that once gave the country its identity. "We have a fashion-treasure in our country," says Sudha Tripuraneni, a Hyderabad-based fashion designer. Her Indian clothing was widely appreciated and accepted at a fashion show in Germany. India's prosperous export business in fabrics to various countries of Europe and America stands as a testimony to the fact that the west is looking east for the latest trends in fashion.

Teen rage

The ethnic look is the in-thing this season. The alluring Indian stuff such as gems, bells, glitter and stones is now represented on fabric to make women look attractive. The sari, dubbed as the most sensuous garment for women, is gaining popularity across the globe. The once forgotten trend of pattu-langa and the mesmerizing ghagra-choli is a rage amongst youngsters and no wedding is complete without them. Indian diversity of dress is known all over the world, but the textile richness of Andhra Pradesh is surfacing only lately. Fabrics indigenous to Mangalagiri, Chirala, Pochampalli, and many others are hailed to be artistic and bold by various fashion designers across the country. With the recognition of fashion as one of the essential things of everyday life, has emerged the hitch of being extra fashionable to be noticeable enough. Every other person is eager to get recognized. It is said that the things that make a person different from others are the things that make one beautiful. Each individual is conscious of not only his clothes and looks but also of that of the other. "It would be a complete fiasco if my neighbour turns up to a function wearing a sari similar to mine," says Kusum who now has a full time designer to help her with her wardrobe.

Big names

People have discovered designer wear. Designer wear is exclusive of the designer, neither the design nor the colour nor the pattern can be imitated by any other designer thus making the work unique in itself. Be it a simple get together or a lavish wedding, women in the city are not habituated to settle for the mundane. "My customers insist on having a handbag and shoes made of a similar blueprint when ordering for a sari," says Sudha. From making saris to kurtis and nightdresses, designers of the State are prepared to prove their mettle even if it demands a lot of traveling to get the right material. It is no wonder that a single sari involves fabric from Kanchipuram, sequins from Kolkata, semi-precious gems from Kanyakumari and zari from Kochi. "It is the season of weddings, I must attend seven of them in a single month. That's great excitement for me and a greater deal of hard-work for my designer," says Anjali, a housewife. "Big names sell for themselves. Vijayawada is waiting for the likes of Satya Paul and Rocky S to stand on a par with people of other cities in the country," says Anju Berry who organizes the annual garment exhibition Aakriti. The city has seen in the past few weeks exhibitions of designer wear organised by well-known fashion designers from across the State. Looks like Vijayawada has joined the race for top slot in the fashion world. Slowly but steadily, it will gain a foothold.

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