A crazy and wonderful world of funnies

MAKING LISTS are tricky business and A list of favourite comic books. even more so. However exhaustive, there is always the chance of leaving out someone's favourite. With all due apologies to the funnies that have not been mentioned, here goes -

Asterix: The only Gaulish village that stands up to the might of Rome created by Goscinny and Uderzo, has a legion of fans though some are unhappy with the comics after the death of the writer Goscinny.

Calvin and Hobbes: Created by Bill Waterson, the six-year-old Calvin's take on life, school, parents and everything else finds a sympathetic ear in Hobbes, his worldly-wise tiger. First published in 1985, it was carried in more than 2,400 newspapers when it ceased publication in 1996.

Garfield: Jim Davis' experience of growing up with 25 cats stood him in good stead in the creation of the tubby tabby with a fondness for coffee and lasagne and an aversion for Mondays and the postman.

A crazy and wonderful world of funnies

MAD Magazine: Though not strictly a comic book, the MAD brand of humour has a cult following. Alfred E Neuman, Dave Berg, the movie satires, Spy Vs Spy, The Lighter Side of and even the Letters to the Editor -- tickle the funny bone.

Tin Tin: Created by Belgian Georges Remi, the intrepid reporter goes on hair-raising adventures across the world from Peru to the ice caps and even the moon accompanied by his faithful dog Snowy, the hot tempered Capt Haddock, the eccentric Professor Calculus and the bumbling detective twins Thompson and Thomson.

Archie: The life and times at Riverdale High, the all-American school has inspired countless Bollywood flicks including Bobby and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Hagar the Horrible: The tough Viking warrior who does not flinch at sacking and looting countless English castles is meek as a pussycat when confronted with a tantrum from his wife, Helga.

Army: The comics strips with the Army as backdrop include Beau Peep where Mad Pierre, Cook Egon and Honest Abdul conspire to make Beau's life miserable, Beetle Bailey which chronicles the happenings in Camp Swampy and Sad Sack.

DC/Marvel: An entire spectrum of colourful, costumed heroes with equally colourful histories and bizarre villains. You can pick your favourite from Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Phantom, Cat woman, Mandrake - the list goes on and on.

A crazy and wonderful world of funnies

Tinkle: From Uncle Pai (the man behind Amar Chitra Katha), Tinkle is irresistible for its inimitable Indianness.

Harvey: Casper the friendly ghost, Spooky the tough little ghost, Wendy, the good little witch, poor little rich kid Richie Rich, Little Lotta and Dot among other people the pages of this delightful series.


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