A colourful reunion

STRIKING Rajashekaran's still-life images are filled with hazy formlessness

STRIKING Rajashekaran's still-life images are filled with hazy formlessness  

In August 1982, a group of artists comprising Jasu Rawal, S.G. Vasudev, V. Arnawaz, S. Krishnappa and V. Hariraam conceived of the idea of Welcome Art Gallery, recalls Sadhana Nithyaanand, coordinator of the exhibition, Reminiscence And A Rendezvous, currently on in the city. These artists are meeting again 23 years later to put up a show at the same venue.

In the intervening period, however, the sensitive artist, Arnavaz, has passed away. Her absence is not only felt but lends a poignant touch to the show, which ropes in four more artists — three from Chennai (P. Shrinivasan, D. Ravi and A.C. Rajashekaran) and Preeti Varma from Bangalore.

Among the senior artists whose works are on display, Jasu Rawal, with his small format watercolour and acrylic paintings, impresses the most. His images are filled with soft colours and delicately rendered monsoon motifs. Vasudev's single canvas, She And Mountains, profiles the striking face of a graceful woman. Krishnappa has textured his works with an interest about musicians, who often assume theatrical poses.

Both Hariraam and Shrinivasan try to probe the mystery of space in their own ways by exploring geometrical patterns and semi-architectural themes. The latter's work, in particular, is eye-catching with its fine rendering of subtle lines and intriguing composition. Ravi's canvases present abstracted landscapes while Rajashekaran's still-life images are filled with hazy formlessness, highlighting some elements of spontaneity and free expression.

The exhibition at Windsor Sheraton & Towers concludes today.


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