A chat with Jackie Chan

COUP OF SORTS Jackie Chan and Simi Garewal on the show  

Jackie Chan talks about his life, wife and more in "Rendezvous with Simi Garewal" on September 3

The lady in white has done it again. Simi Garewal has managed to feature action legend Jackie Chan on her programme. The exclusive one-hour "Rendezvous with Simi Garewal" show will be telecast on September 3, 9.30 p.m. on STAR World.It will be a coup of sorts for Simi as she pins down one of the most elusive action heroes of our time. Chan normally never gives interviews for television. Of course, Simi has moved from her usual Mumbai sets and travelled to Hong Kong for a tête-à-tête with the superstar. On the show, Chan talks about his painful childhood - he was born into an impoverished family and his immigrant parents almost sold him at birth to a British doctor, as they could not afford the hospital bill.For the first time, Chan shares details of his marriage, how he feels he has been a bad husband, selfish when it comes to love and that he has not been able to spend enough time with his wife and 23-year-old son Jaycee. He adds he is trying to make up for all the lost time. He remembers his first meeting with Hollywood director Steven Spielberg whom he admires a lot and thinks is a genius. Jackie recalls how he started his conversation by asking Spielberg, "`Can you tell me how to make a dinosaur?' Spielberg said, `Oh! So easy, Jackie. Just press a button.' Then he asked me, `Jackie, How do you jump from a building? I replied, `Rolling... action... jump! Cut! Ouch! Hospital! Easy, right?'" Jackie reveals that no insurance company in the world is willing to insure either him or his stunt team!Says Simi Garewal: "Jackie was wonderful. He didn't hide anything, didn't evade any question. He wasn't `image-conscious.' He told me things, which aren't there even in his biography. What's more, he knelt and thanked me in the end!" SREEDHAR PILLAI