A bitter experience

SUMMER PACKAGE tours are certainly not made comfortable. I would like to cull out a bitter experience my family met with by a private resort scheme. One fine day my father received a phone call stating that he had won a lucky draw to make use of a summer package tour. Added to this he was invited to attend a function at a hotel to avail of the opportunity and if not, he would be felicitated by a compliment. As per the conditions, my parents attended the function. They were placated with various offers, free boarding and lodging et al. We went bag and baggage to a hill station but were at sea. The so-called promises were futile. The huge amount paid was not refunded and our nightmare went on without a tunnel of light. Nowadays, plying to an alien place in a hire vehicle is quite risky. Touring to an unknown place with a third party feels uneasy.



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