Your chip, or mine?

Star wars Saif and Dhoni battle it out

Star wars Saif and Dhoni battle it out  

Are you with Saif or Dhoni in this new battle?

It is not often that we see two celebrities mudslinging each other in public. But that’s exactly what Saif Ali Khan and Dhoni are doing.

The two are having a face-off and no it’s not for Kareena, but for their favourite flavour of Lays chips — Spunky Pimento and Balsamic Blast. Saif is rooting for Spunky Pimento and Dhoni for Balsamic Blast.

A royal battle is in the offing, as the latest commercial shows the two brand ambassadors fighting it out for their flavour with speeches, political rallies et al.

Titled ‘Fight For Your Flavour,’ this unique marketing campaign by Fritto Lays allows consumers to vote for the flavour of their choice. The flavour with the maximum votes continues in the market.


On being asked why they chose their respective flavours, Saif says, “Lay’s Spunky Pimento is a flavour combining the tongue tickling taste of tomato and paprika. It is cool, fun and funky, just like my style.”

Dhoni had something similar to say, “Lay’s Balsamic Blast combines parsley and yellow chilli with sweet balsamic vinegar. I think the flavour is a little sweet and a little zesty with an appealing Indian taste, just like me.”

New terrain

Most of us know what Saif and Dhoni are really good at. While Saif is great at wooing actresses on screen, Dhoni has been sweating it out with the willow and gloves.

But, with this initiative, one will get to see how good the two are at convincing people. Saif says it’s not going to be tough convincing the consumers, as just tasting the product once will do the trick.

A theory Dhoni agrees with: “I was convinced the moment I tried the product; so, there is no doubt that the consumers too will be convinced that my flavour is the best.”

Both are excited about ‘Fight For Your Flavour’ as it is a new concept, just like Chala Change ka Chakkar.

According to Saif, he can eat Lay’s with almost anything.

His other favourite flavours are Lay’s American Style Sour Cream and Onion or Lay’s Spanish Tomato Tango, Lay’s Magic Masala or even Lay’s Classic Salted.


And in spite of munching on those potato crispies, how does he manage to watch his weight?

To that he says, “I believe that anything eaten responsibly and in moderation cannot be bad for you. Personally, I follow a regimen of eating the right foods in the right quantity and combine this with working out almost everyday. It works for me!”

There, we have two brand savvy ambassadors, who with all that glib talk may just pass off for advertisers!


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