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Festive spirit Traditional to the core   | Photo Credit: PHOTO: NAGARA GOPAL


When it comes to celebrating the New Year, nothing can dampen our spirits, finds out Prabalika M. Borah

“D on't underestimate the Ugadi pachadi. The pachadi is enough to take your troubles away,” says Vastu expert Phani Raj. Astro-palmist Ravi Kumar adds: “Indulgence in welcoming the New Year will not disappoint anyone.”

Is the whole buzz about Vikrutinama Ugadi haunting you? Contemplating on cancelling the delivery of the car scheduled for Ugadi or taking the theme of 2012 seriously?

“Nothing is bothering us at all. Both good and bad are a part of life, it's like the two faces of a coin. We will celebrate Ugadi after making an offering to God,” says Rama Murthy, a retired journalist. It is going to be Rama Murthy and his family's first Ugadi in Bangalore.

While it is natural to fear and doubt the name of the year, do we really know what Vikrutinama Ugadi is? This is the 24th of the total 60 Ugadis in a cycle. It falls on a Tuesday and this seems to be raising doubts in everyone's mind. Why? “On this day the moon will get directly get exposed to Saturn,” explains an astrologer.

This is also the time of the year when believers like to visit palmists and astrologers. Talking on a positive note, astro-palmist Ravi Kumar says: “go ahead and celebrate Ugadi. There is nothing wrong in welcoming the New Year. The bad phase begins from September onwards and this will not be directed at any individual. But let us not forget the saying, ‘every cloud has a silver lining'.”

Oblivious of such talk, Smita is making her Ugadi visit with her six-year-old son from New Jersey. As it is going to be the little one's first Ugadi with his grandparents Smita wants no negative discussions. “I am not aware and nor I do want to know about it. All that I want is my son to know the tradition and carry some good memories of this festival.” The family has ordered bobbatlu and ariselu and payasam and also invited guests. “I want my kid to know that it is not only during Christmas that we need to exchange goodies and visit friends,” she says.

Explaining the planetary positions and its repercussion, Phani Raj says, “It is the positions of the moon, Mars and Mercury that is troubling us. All the three planets are very important and during the course of their movements they are in unfavourable positions. And this may lead to certain unrest and troubles due to natural calamities. However, we know every problem has a solution, likewise these effects can also be nullified by praying and making offering to various deities.”

The talks and lectures on Vikrutinama haven't dampened the shopping spirit. “It is an auspicious day for all Telugus. Vikrutinama is just a name. This is the time when households make new purchases. We are doing brisk business for all electrical appliances. The delivery date for most orders are for Ugadi,” says business man Amarnath Naganuri.

Keeping the tradition alive, Lata a home maker who lives in Marredpally, is not allowing her observation of Lent deter the mood, “We will celebrate Ugadi as always. My children connect this festival with bobbatlu and I rest my trust on God while we go ahead with the celebrations.”