New Art Surendran Karthyayan

New Art Surendran Karthyayan   | Photo Credit: Photo: Thulasi Kakkat

Aksharamala’, Surendran Karthayan’s current show, marks a departure from what can be considered his oeuvre so far. Until now his frames were inspired by botany (he works at Agricultural College, Vellayani), but for his recent works inspiration has come from elsewhere. “The works are a continuation of a process that began with my last show,” says Surendran. The exhibition is on at Durbar Hall Art Gallery.

If in his previous works he drew heavily from nature, this time inspiration has come from his perceptions of what has been going on outside. “I have used words that politicians bandied about and appear in the media,” he says. Therefore there is a frame with a phrase, which some people might find rude or offensive, but a favourite of politicians according to him.

The letters of the alphabet therefore become words and words become images of the psyche. Text merges with text to create the image or rather the visual. The works do not form so much of an image but rather an impression. A cursory glance at the works gives a feel of many layers of perceptions and impressions.

Portraits of Kamala Surayya and Michael Jackson (his favourites) are also different. The portraits, each, are combination of three portraits that mark their evolution. “I have tried to show the phases of Kamala Surayya – Madhavikutty to Kamala Das to Kamala Surayya.”

Although the subject and the treatment have changed, the colour palette is constant, the artist’s signature. The exhibition concludes on November 14.


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