What women want!

Rich collection The exhibition has a wide variety of silk saris  

Touch, feel and own a piece of royalty at the expo

“Have you felt silk lately” Cadbury's hoarding in the city gets a befitting reply at the ongoing Silk Sutra exhibition at Kamma Sangham hall in Ameerpet.

One can have a glimpse or touch, feel and own a piece of royalty at the expo. The neatly arranged Maheshwari silk saris at a stall near the entrance have an interesting story to tell. As you admire the sheer delicacy and fine drape of the fabric, the woman manning the stall exclaims, “The border on the saris has been designed like the Maheswar fort. Earlier, queen Ahilya Bai got such saris created with an alluring design of the ‘qila' on the border. Such saris were her popular gifts.”

Delhi shines soft with its muga, tussar and ghicha silk with a printed collection. Pure silk duppattas are priced here between Rs. 450 and Rs. 950.

Tussar silk is quite a common fabric but there is nothing like the range available at a stall. “This tussar variety is handmade and not from a machine,” says the salesman. Check out saris, plain material, dupattas and a range with tribal prints. There are stalls from different states with a rich collection of silk saris. However, it is not only silks oozing style as there is lot for college-going youngsters too.

Soak yourself in a stall from Belgaum and check out funky long chains, payal, bracelets, key chains, ear studs and small mirrors. Another alluring feature of this all-purpose variety (made of copper and silver) is that one can wear it with either a sari, salwar suit or a casual kurti and jeans.

Also look out for bags (made of cotton and jute) priced at Rs. 200.

The exhibition is not just about what women want. As women go on a shopping spree, men can spend their time at a stall from Chattisgarh. Terrocata comes in the form of Lord Ganesha, tea cups and pen stands here. Decorative pieces like masks, deer, candle stands, ‘adivasi' music set can be ideal for your drawing room.

The exhibition ends on March 14 and is from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.