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The Right Connection Kareena Kapoor  

Kareena Kapoor on her career

Even after almost over a dozen ‘exclusive' interviews, Kareena Kapoor, the reigning star of the Hindi filmdom, seems far from fatigued. That, despite spending the first half flashing her pearly white grin and a sleek Sony Ericsson's Xperia mobile, which she will endorse from now on. “I am not exactly tired. It's okay, part of the package, you know,” she says smiling her way through perfectly glossed lips, eyes brightened with kohl, big, curled up, false eyelashes and rouged cheeks. Her hairdresser takes care that not even a single strand goes awry as she sits in a stately pose for the photographer.

New avatar

This is a new Kareena. The one who did Chameli, which gave her the tag of an ‘actor' and won her awards, was different. She would answer in monosyllables and take time to warm up to the interviewer even for a regular question on her film or role. Not that this Kareena doesn't cover her fence and dole out diplomatically correct answers, but she is much more confident and knows how to parry an uncomfortable question with a smile yet not leave it unanswered!

On Twitter

Her being on Twitter or chatting with fans may just load her with people with different temperaments, and many may just be interested in asking personal questions. “But I will not entertain personal questions”, she quips. Bollywood still walks at snail's pace when it comes to churning out adventurous roles for women. …“Why blame them? It's for women to ‘demand' stronger roles now. Unless they raise a voice, why would anyone care? I chose to do films like Omkara, Chameli and Jab We Met to break from the mould,” she says with her eyes glistening with confidence.

You ask ‘profession' related questions and she seems comfortable. You attempt a sneak peak into her personal life and the expression changes. She becomes cautious. Her eyebrows tweak and the smile vanishes. An apprehension replaces the warmth.