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I am planning to buy a new sedan (small car such as Swift, Fabia, Hyundai i10 or i20). My budget is between Rs. 4 lakh and Rs. 6 lakh. I am a tall guy (6 ft 4 inches), so could you please let me know the best available car in the market that will suit my my height. It should be a decent family car with low maintenance cost.


Considering your height, Swift, Fabia and i20 make more sense as these are bigger than the i10. But as you are looking at a car that does not cost much to maintain, we recommend you opt for the Swift as it is a Maruti, which is known for its after sales service. Besides, it is much cheaper than Fabia and i20.

I work as deputy commissioner with the customs department. I am planning to buy a car. My budget is between Rs. 4 lakh and Rs. 5 lakh. I will drive around 80 km a week. I have shortlisted Hyundai i10 magna (kappa engine) and Maruti A Star. I believe that A Star gives better mileage than i10. What is the mileage of i10? Also, which car is better in terms of overall performance?

M. Gnanasundaram

Both i10 and A Star are good cars. A Star will give you more mileage, by around 1kpl, than the i10. But considering overall performance, the i10 makes more sense. It has a more powerful and smooth engine. It is much more spacious than A Star and considering you will drive around 80km per week the mileage difference will be negligible.

I have a Maruti 800. My daily travel covers 40 to 50 km and I make two annual trips of 1000 km each. I have shortlisted Alto and WagonR. I would like you to compare them on the basis of mileage and overall performance and suggest the more suitable of the two.

S.Swathi Meenakshi

If you are going to travel with only two people then we suggest Alto is more fuel efficient. But Alto is a bit short on power and is at its best when used within city limits.

If you frequently travel on highways with more than two people then go for the WagonR.

I want to buy a premium hatchback. I have shortlisted Skoda Fabia Ambiente 1.2 MPI and Hyundai i20. Which is a better car? I will be driving the car myself and will be using it mostly within city limits. Please advise me on the basis of driving comfort, economy, resale value and maintenance cost.


We would recommend the i20 as it is more fuel efficient, it is more drivable in the city.

We cannot comment on the resale value of the i20 as it is very new, but considering it is a Hyundai it shouldn’t be a problem.

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