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VERY FRESH Catering to modern trends PhotoS: G.Moorthy

VERY FRESH Catering to modern trends PhotoS: G.Moorthy  

EATING OUT Ever Fresh has made a strong presence within a short period

I f you are a staunch veggie who would love a quick and light wrap up for breakfast , then Ever Fresh, a coffee shop offering hot and cold food in equal measure, is the right place. .

Situated on the busy-during--daytime H.A.K. Road in Chinna Chokkikulam, the owners feel happy about their strategic location: “We are behind Lady Doak College and it helps us achieve our sales target even though college students are not our main target,” beams R. Aravind Raj, one of the partners.

With an ambience that is not too flashy and food not too exotic, the eatery attracts a sizeable crowd for its spectacular variety of food items. “It is not easy to run a coffee shop with pure vegetarian menu. In fact we have recipes exclusively designed for those who are off even onion and garlic ,” he shares.

Lip smacking

From pizzas to sandwiches, the menu card is full with at least eight different lip smacking delicacies in each category. The Ever Fresh breakfast and Ever Fresh combo in two different platters are a good pick for the health conscious .

The Ever Fresh breakfast comprises grilled bread butter jam with fresh lime juice that costs Rs.25 while the second choice has caffe latte with veg plain sandwich. “We don't use cabbage in our sandwiches as it does not find favour with some customers. But we liberally use capsicum, tomato, onion and cucumber in sandwiches and pizzas,” Mr. Aravind Raj says.

They also serve chocolate pizza much to the chagrin of food purists, with a hope that it will be a good take for children. “The idea is conceived mainly to make it different. It is filled with dry chocolates, cashew nuts and cheese. Rich in taste this sweet pizza has surpassed our expectation,” he says.


As ‘pure veg' is their USP, even the mayonnaise sauce they use does not contain egg yolk. The star attraction in the hot food section is the Masala French Fries, which sells like hot cakes. “It is the normal potato finger chips but coated with traditional masala items. Overwhelming response for this appetiser leaves us in a precarious position as we run out of stock fast, unable to match the demand.”

The joint also serves mocktails with quaint names. To taste a few, the ‘Pilgrims punch' is a combination of cranberry, grape, lemonade and sparkling water. ‘Vasanthaneer' is the traditional tender coconut water mixed with honey while ‘Supper sipper' is a mixture of grape juice, lemonade, fizzy water garnished with lemon wedges.

If this is not enough they also floor you with scores of well made ice cream varieties. Some of them are quite interesting too. ‘Gud Bud' is a combination of mango, vanilla, strawberry fruits, nuts, jelly and sauce while ‘White Mischief' is a mixture of vanilla, litchi, sauce and cherry. To give a go by to the hot ice cream and ice cream bonda is not easy either.

The coffee shop is open between 9.30 a.m. and 10.30 p.m. without break. They also take up birthday and other party orders. For more details dial 9245334648 for Mr. Aravind Raj.


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