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Kids can now put their curiosity to good use with YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids seeks to engage kids on Children’s Day. This application, built with parents and children in mind, has now been launched in India.

With its bright and playful design, this application is children-friendly. It has been made in a way to make kids find it easy to find videos like “Little Krishna” or one of the many popular videos from ChuChuTV.

With larger images and bold icons, YouTube Kids is fast and simple for little thumbs to navigate and also offers voice search to let children find videos even if they cannot type or spell. Kids can browse channels and playlists in four categories -- Shows, Music, Learning and Explore. And search for videos like structure of an atom or watch favourites from Galli Galli Sim Sim and LitleBabbyBum.

Interestingly, the app has features like Automated Prompt that allows parents to decide how much content they want their children to see. A built-in timer has been incorporated that limits kids’ screen time. It alerts children when the session is over.

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