Tom tom

Sayeed Alam

Director/actor from Pierrots Troupe

“When I was making Maulana Azad four years ago, I handed over the script/dialogues to Tom in Devanagri script assured that he can’t read Urdu, though I knew that he could speak the language. We rehearsed like that for seven days. On the last day of the rehearsal, I asked him if he had any problems in understanding the dialogues. He said smiling, ‘No problems bas aap script Urdu main bhej dijiye. I was taken aback. In his generation except Pran, Prem Chopra and Dev Anand, there is no one who can read the script in Urdu. It makes my job very easy.”

Kundan Shah


“I don’t know why but whenever I remember Tom Alter, I smile. His name brings joy to me. You have fixed me by taking his name. He is a thorough professional and I have interacted with him professionally only. I have seen him performing Maulana Azad. Oh so overpowering he is in that! It is my misfortune that I still haven’t worked with him. Where do you find an amazing combination of great looks, fantastic voice, impeccable language skills, love for sports, writing, music and acting? The film industry is lucky that it has such a great man among not-so-great people. I love him and Naseeruddin Shah and I know they make great friends. See my choice, you!



Tom is one of the most passionate actors and one of the few gentlemen I have met. My first serial with him was Qarar in which he played my brother-in-law and during another serial Daraar, our interactions grew. I admire him. He is a great companion. I have seen his Maulana Azad and loved him. I was supposed to play the middle-aged Ghalib in this play but unfortunately I didn’t have time. I have lost an opportunity to work with him. We also met very frequently when Tom was willing to make a film on communal harmony. It couldn’t take off.