Toast to the coast

A Bunt festival at Fire

With food festivals doing the rounds at various hotels, you don’t have to travel far now, in search of your favourite cuisine. The latest to make an — albeit rare — appearance in the Capital is Bunt cuisine from the Tulu speaking community of coastal Karnataka. That is the community, for those wondering, to which Aishwarya Rai and Sunil Shetty belong.

Drenched in coconut, spiced with cinnamon, cumin and red chilli, it is tangy with tamarind and a native sour fruit called onte puli. The food festival is on at Fire restaurant in The Park hotel.

On till November 15, the festival features a menu that includes tantalising dishes like Kozi gassi and Pelakayida Gatti (jackfruit pulp ground with coconut and rice, wrapped in teak leaves, and steamed). Available for lunch and dinner only.

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