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Maruti completes 25 years

Maruti Suzuki recently completed 25 years. On December 14, 1983, the first Maruti 800, India’s iconic car rolled-off the assembly line at the company’s Gurgaon plant. Since then, Maruti Suzuki has produced and sold around 75 lakh (7.5 million) cars.

Thanking all those who have helped the company in its successful journey so far, Shinzo Nakanishi, Managing Director and CEO, Maruti Suzuki India said, “The Indian Government had entrusted the company the responsibility of building low-cost and fuel-efficient cars as also laying a firm foundation for the modernisation and growth of Indian automobile industry. Thanks to the support of our stakeholders, we have successfully led the automobile revolution in India. Now, we are positioning India as the global small car manufacturing hub, in line with the Government’s vision.”

Maruti Suzuki believes that its recent investments in two manufacturing facilities will go a long way in establishing the company and India in the global league. These include Maruti Suzuki’s fourth car assembly plant and a state-of-the-art diesel engine plant at Manesar, and the fuel-efficient KB-series engine plant at Gurgaon.

The Manesar assembly plant is rated among the best Suzuki plants worldwide. The plant is future ready and is designed to produce world-class vehicles. Maruti Suzuki also expects to scale-up exports. In 1990’s when the economy was liberalised and foreign investment allowed into India, the auto component companies, set up and nurtured by Maruti Suzuki, became the foundation for global car companies as well. This encouraged further foreign direct investment into India.

Starting with the iconic Maruti 800, today, Maruti Suzuki offers 12 models with over 100 variants. The company leads the automobile industry in India with a market share of over 54 per cent amongst passenger cars.

The company has over 600 sales outlets in 393 towns and cities, along with 2,628 workshops covering 1,220 cities.

It is known for its efficient after-sales service.

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