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Terrorism, the worst religion

No religion preaches misuse of power. People who use religion as a tool for violence are “psychologically challenged”.

The government should ensure economic and educational equality to all. And, those prone to violence should realise that we get just one life to live.

Senior Research Fellow (ICMR) Tuberculosis Research Centre Chennai Disaster management

Terror situations can arise at any time and place. The common man can assist law enforcement personnel by being alert. When a terror strike does occur, remain calm, and take cover with a plan to get behind the source of terror. A well-directed purposeful ‘mob fury’ such as response to overwhelm the terrorists (using objects such as stones) would be appropriate and welcome. Training in disaster management for the common man is the need of the hour.

Dr. S. Ramaswamy
Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist Civil Surgeon, Govt of Tamil Nadu Prof of Anatomy (Retd.) Nandanam Poor us

It is always the common man who suffers in any disaster. But then, who is bothered about the common man? He continues to suffer in silence. This was evident in the recent Mumbai attacks also. The media was also partisan in its coverage. It did not bother about the railway station attack, which felled the most people. They seem to be bothered only about the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower and Oberoi Trident where the elite were held.

The common man is only bothered about how, where and when he will get his next meal. Unfortunately, he gets caught in such brutal attacks even though he has nothing to do with such things.

Dr. T. Kamal Sheriff
Former vice-chairman State Minorities Commission Government of Tamil Nadu

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