Then and now

Gone are the days when teachers had the privilege of beating students in whichever way they wished. Pinching, kicking, punching with hands or beating with neem or tamarind tree branches used to be quite common earlier and yet nobody complained. Parents then felt a reprimand from teacher meant only betterment of their wards. But now such a thing can neither be imagined nor permitted. Due to cultural, environmental and social changes, corporal punishment meted out to students these days cannot be taken lightly either because sometimes they really tend to be hard affecting a student mentally and physically. Many students have even succumbed to such punishments, which is totally unwarranted. Whatever may be the justification behind punishment, care should be taken not to humiliate a child beyond his mental strength and capacity to tolerate. When a child realises his mistake, he willingly corrects it with some guidance. To err is human. But to carry out a punishment to create fear, damage and disrespect is totally uncalled for.

Abbas Manthiri,

Parijatha Street,

Gokul Nagar,


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