The return of saint soldier

Realistic approachHarry Baweja

Realistic approachHarry Baweja  

Harry Baweja speaks about his film on Banda Singh Bahadur

Filmmaker Harry Baweja wants us to go back to our history books with his ambitious film on Banda Singh Bahadur, Chaar Sahibzaade: Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur. It was released in Hindi, English and Punjabi.

Having grown up listening to the heroic tales of Banda Singh Bahadur, the man whose dedication for Guru Gobind Singh and protecting the Sikh faith was more important than his own life. The filmmaker says he has remained as authentic to the real life hero as he could. “I believe in getting my facts rights. Even though Banda Singh Bahadur is a familiar figure, I went through all the books written on him including the Persian translations of his life. I visited libraries in Jaipur and other places for material. As this film is on the Sikh Guru, I submitted the film to the Shiromani Gurdurwara Prabhandak Committee for clearance. It got the film screened from its Dharampracharak Committee, which maintains its library. It was necessary since the film is based on historical facts and religious beliefs.”

“I have made the film to spread awareness about this historical figure and enable the public to understand what happened during that period. I have shown the implication of what happened to Banda Bahadur after he was captured by the Mughals and brought to Delhi.”

Baweja uses technology to take his audience three centuries back in time and says he wanted to show how Indian animation is on par with Hollywood. “We made the scenes look visually so stunning that they can match the best standards in the industry. We have raised the bar and made use of the same software which is utilised in American films to get that special affect.”

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