The power of ten

SUAVE AND STYLISH The new Rs.10 coin is creating all the buzz

SUAVE AND STYLISH The new Rs.10 coin is creating all the buzz   | Photo Credit: Photo: Serish Nanisetti

Have you laid your hands on the new Rs. 10 coin?

‘10 Ka Dum’ – No, we are not talking about Salman Khan’s show on the tube. It is the new Rs. 10 coin which has become the talking point in the city. It is one month since this coin has been doing the rounds and Divya Rao of Alliance Francaise is one among its lucky owners. “My colleague Krishnaveni gifted me one and since then it has been my prized possession,” she says as her office mate watches on. This 20-plus youngster hit upon the idea of surprising her colleagues by gifting the Rs. 10 coins. Says Krishnaveni, “With the coin, one need not worry about notes getting crumpled or torn. It is very easy to carry in your wallet and some may even mistake it for a pound.” However, she discovered it was not so easy doing business with it. “Some auto guys refused to take it claiming it to be a fake coin. Even when I showed them the Reserve Bank of India identification, some were sceptical to accept it,” she says.

Have a look at the coin and its centre portion shines bright. It is suave and stylish and if you can’t stop staring, we understand perfectly. The circular 27-millimetre coin weighs just 7.71 gm and has aluminium bronze in its outer ring whereas the centre piece is a blend of copper and nickel.

Prabha, who works in a media organisation had to pay Rs. 15 to lay her hands on the Rs. 10 coin. “Some people were selling these coins outside the Reserve Bank of India building and they looked really cool. I wanted to show off in front of my friends so I paid more,” she says.

If some look at this coin adoringly, a few are not enthused by it. “Expensive leather wallets get spoilt if one keeps coins in them. Moreover, the purse in your bag becomes too heavy to carry paving way for a pain in the neck,” says Vijay, a private bank employee.


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