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Cooking up a storm Gary Rhodes on Discovery Channel

Cooking up a storm Gary Rhodes on Discovery Channel  

‘Rhodes Across India’ has chefs traversing the country in search of the best of Indian food

Gary Rhodes and a team of young sous-chefs take the trip of a lifetime. Their mission is to find the best of authentic Indian cuisine, learn how to cook it, and then return home to cater for a major banquet in celebration of India’s independence.

In this episode of Rhodes Across India, Gary tackles a few of the many dishes that contribute to a Gujarati thali. A pure vegetarian cuisine, Gujaratis make use of every vegetable, with lady’s fingers and patra leaves being strong favourites. In Mumbai, Gary’s assistant Scott experiences one of Mumbai’s most impressive enterprises – the tiffinwalla system – by which thousands of office workers receive hot homemade lunches everyday through an intricate delivery system.

Catch Rhodes Across India today at 8 p.m. on Discovery Channel.

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