The Toronto experience

Bewitching The Toronto skyline

Bewitching The Toronto skyline   | Photo Credit: Photo: Meera Rajagopal

A city where the old and new happily co-exist

When cultures meet, global fashions emerge. Toronto, which has become a global destination for fashion, offers a spectrum of styles to residents and visitors. Posters of Aishwarya Rai smile down from a L’Oreal hoarding at Dundas Yonge Square, scene of the Luminato festival. The young and old congregate here to witness and be part of shows on an open stage.

Further down Yonge street, the longest street in North America, is the splendidly restored Canon theatre, which has hosted memorable productions. Yonge street has two spectacular malls — the Eaton Centre and Hudson Bay, which is connected to Eaten Centre by a sky walk. Old and new landmarks happily co-exist.

The Old City Hall with its enriching clock tower, the sonorous Union Station and classic Royal York Hotel rub shoulders with the New City Hall, an example of original modern architecture.

Lake or sea?

A bevy of white seagulls waddles around the pool area, which converts into the famous ice skating rink in winter. Toronto skirts Lake Ontario, which stretches out like a sea, luring sea gulls, ducks, geese and other water birds.

The Old Legislative building is situated in the midst of the statuesque Queens Park. At a vantage point is a plaque put up in memory of the victims of the “Kanishka” crash in the Atlantic. That flight originated from Toronto.

A group of Chinese tourists practices Tai Chi in one corner of the plush lawn.

The PATH is downtown Toronto’s underground walkway, linking 27 km of indoor shopping services and entertainment.

I took the PATH to head to Harbour Front. Once there, I took the ferry from Queens Quay for Toronto islands, the most pristine green space in the region with scenic views of the Toronto skyline. Toronto also has a multitude of restaurants and outstanding cuisine from diverse nations — Canada, the U.S., Germany, Italy, France, Mexico, Japan, China, Thailand and a string of Indian restaurants on Gerard street and elsewhere.


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