Teachers' day out

Meet ‘n' eat Students love to relax in the canteen  


Bandlaguda is quite an unknown territory for most, who hail from this part of the city. But for a big group of budding teachers, the area is the place-to-be as it houses their college of education. The students come from different places and are quite excited to be getting trained to be ‘the mentors of the new generation.'

What's to love:

Sometimes the college's name also brings in an advantage.

In this case, the title ‘Moghal' evokes royal memories as the students feel this is their ‘Moghal Kingdom' and they are no less than the princesses!

“We have a garden too in the college so it is our Moghal Garden,” declares Abeda Begum.

Meeting point

The canteen serves a meeting point. “We can meet the engineering, MCA and MBA students here. We discuss so many things including the trends in their fields that it updates our general knowledge,” say Ayesha Asreel and Gouher Jabeen.

Their classmate Mohd Sohail Nawaaz worked as a senior customer care executive before deciding to pursue a teacher course. Amidst their hectic classes, do they find time to have ‘masti'? “We have fun but we try to conduct ourselves in a dignified way. When we become full-fledged teachers, children will look up to us as role models. We have to be disciplined to teach discipline to them,” he says.

Heart-to-heart talk

“Canteen is the place where we can speak from the heart,” says Husna Shameen and continues, “We have to use our mind when we are in the class and watch out what we say. Here, we are with our friends and do not have to bother much. We share our personal things with each other.” Pradeep, a resident of Ameerpet travels 25 km every day to reach the college. “It's actually 50 km if you take the to-and-fro distance into account,” he says with a laugh.

What's not to love:

Ambica likes to relax here but the place is generally full with students. “We have to wait a lot,” she rues. The canteen also serves tea and snacks like samosa. In the summer, it is a hit with students as it stocks some cool soft drinks. However, the students grumble as they do not have many items to eat especially when they are hungry. “The canteen is covered with just an asbestos sheet and in summer it is quite painful to sit in the heat,” says Mona Kausar.


The garden.