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“Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul”, has just hit the stands

We have read many such books. This one is no different and yet it is so readable. There are three reasons why it is so impossible to put it down: one, the stories are short, really short. Some even running to just half a page! Second, they are crisp, quick and sans any attempted literary jargon, and third, they are very honest, as if someone is revealing his/her heart to you.

Long list

That’s the magic of “Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul –101 stories to open the heart and rekindle the spirit” published by Westland. All of 300 pages has stories from both known and unknown sources: film actors, chefs, sociologists, students, teachers, filmmakers… the list is huge.

The book is edited and co-authored by Raksha Bharadia, the author of the New York Times Best Seller “Me: A Handful of Life”, along with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen who have co authored the well known Chicken Soup series.

Defining moments

The stories are about love, parenting, learning, teaching, living up to one’s dream, wisdom, communal harmony, and death. They are divided into seven sections with a common thread running through, that is “a defining moment in one’s life”, as Raksha puts it.

So, if Anupam Kher in “Blind Date” admits that a blind man, whom he met during his depressing, struggle days in Mumbai, taught him the importance of bright colours, Sathya Saran’s “A Flower Girl” humbles you with her humility. If Shiamak Davar’s story of struggle to take dance professionally may moisten your eyes, Purani Pinakin L’s “Hariya”, a pet parrot, rekindles your faith in love. In “Our Indian Idol” Jeffery D. Nongrum writes how the Indian Idol runner-up Amit Paul, united adversaries (Khasis and Bengalis) in Shillong his native place. They started talking to each other just to know if they had voted for him!

Indian psyche

The stories are all written by Indians for the Indian souls!

Reasons Raksha, “It is meant to give a peep into the Indian psyche as the books travel abroad.” Completed in three months, the book includes stories of filmmaker Tanuja Chandra, chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Infosys’ Narayan Murthy as well as some anonymous writers.


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